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Rainbow Castle swing set style

Our Castles
For the Active Climber; has more outside play areas such as: 360° Tire swing, Jacob’s rope ladder, Step/Rung ladder or Step/Chain ladder.

Our Clubhouses
For Imaginary Play; has more enclosed play areas such as: Sandbox, Picnic Table option, Lower-level Playhouse option, Lemonade Stand option, Upper-level Cabin option.

Dream Builders 2017 Catalogue

Step 1    Castle OR Clubhouse - See Page 5
Step 2    Series - See Pages 6 and 7
Step 3    Packages and Colours - See Page 15
Step 4    Customize
               Universal Options – See Pages 10 to 14
               Castle Options – See Page 8
               Clubhouse Options – See Pages 9

Rainbow clubhouse swing set style