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SRainbow's Redwood Commercial Playground

  • Rainbow Play Systems has over 25 years of experience in building quality commercial playgrounds
  • Rainbow proudly offers a line of Accessible Commercial Playgrounds
  • Perfect for Campgrounds, Daycares, Apartment Complexes and wherever children may play!

For the children who visit your location, Rainbow’s commercial playground offers hours of playtime. Playgrounds are a great place for children to meet and play together and for the parents to meet and socialize. Being able to keep the children busy and entertained during an outing is a big plus for parents and adults. Happy children, Happy parents!

Having a children’s playground is a great advantage. Parents tend to select outings that provide entertainment for their children and if the children enjoy their stay, parents will most likely want to return and/or extend their stay. Instead of saying “are we going home yet”, children will be begging their parents to stay longer or to come back. Since children have a great deal of influence on their parent’s decisions, happy children will be great for your business.
Rainbow builds a product line of commercial playground equipment called, Rainbow Play Village®. They have been building top-notch commercial playground equipment since 1990 and bring their 25+ years of experience in building quality commercial playgrounds. They offer a variety of choices that range in age groups (ages 2 to 12 and ages 5 to 12) and child capacity. Many of our designs are ADA Accessible play systems that meet the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines. These guidelines ensure that the structure is not only accessible but also usable by individuals with disabilities.

Rainbow’s commercial swing sets and outdoor play equipment meet or exceed the safety standards established by the CSA and by the American Standards for Testing and Materials (ASTM). What’s more, Rainbow’s professional installation service ensures that your playground equipment is assembled to our meticulous standards. For you and the parents, it provides peace of mind in the knowledge that Rainbow’s equipment has been manufactured to ensure the absolute safety of the children.

The Rainbow commercial playgrounds are built with 100% Solid Premium Cedar. A wooden playground will blend in with the outdoors giving you a unobstrusive, natural look instead of the commercial look given by metal play structures. Because our wooden playgrounds sit on the surface installation is easy, there is no digging required thus no heavy equipment will damage your property and no construction noise will disturb your guests. And most can be installed in a few days so we are in and out without causing any inconvenience for your guests.

The Rainbow Play Village playgrounds are now available through Rainbow of Ottawa, so you will be able to work with someone local to you, and take advantage of Rainbow’s professional installation service. At Rainbow of Ottawa we also offer a spring time annual inspection service so you can rest assured knowing that your commercial playground has been properly inspected and is ready for all your young visitors during the summer season.

I will be happy to work with you in choosing a playground that meet your needs and fits your space and budget.        

Rainbow commercial playgrounds

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