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Today`s swing sets ​are a huge improvement compared to the ones from years gone by. I remember swinging so high that it made the swings sets A-frame legs lift off the ground. And the metal slide would get so hot in the sun that it was unusable. It was basically swinging or sliding back then. Now there are rock walls, monkey bars, trapeze rings, tire swings, chain ladders, playhouses, picnic tables and much much more.

old backyard swing set
sears old metal swing set

Woman sitting on a swing. Hagia Triada, Late New Palace period (1450-1300 B.C.), Heraklion Archaeological Museum, Crete.

King Kong clubhouse
Sears old swing set

They've been around for how long?

Old metal swing set

Times have changed!

​The evolution of swing sets.

Woman on a swing. Side B of an Ancient Greek Attic red-figure amphora, ca. 525 B.C. from Vulci, Italy. Louvre Museum, Paris.