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 360 Pro received an international Good Design Selection® in 2017 for accomplished industrial design and superior product innovation. 

360 Pro safety zone
Vuly 360 spin swing

Most metal swing set frames are made from either plastic parts or metal that's both very thin and hasn't been prepared for years in the backyard – where weather takes its toll.

Vuly 360 uses frame components that are not only 100% steel, they're 0.1 inch thick and twice as wide for extra stability. You can also forget about the rust that plagues most swing sets. 360 uses the signature Vuly black, matte powder-coating to keep it looking beautiful and rust free long after other swing sets have become a safety hazard.

Because 360 is designed to be a long-lasting fixture of your backyard, it's easy to customize it to change with your family. A constantly growing range of easy-to-swap and totally unique swings and modules are on the way that make a Vuly swing set the one that they can grow up with.

360 Pro Swing Set by Vuly

360 Pro size and specification

360 Pro Swing Set Size and Space Requirement

Available at Rainbow of Ottawa

There's no other outdoor play set like Vuly 360 Pro swing set. With a customizable, premium build and distinctly Vuly design, it's made to push limits.

Unique fun

Twist the full 360º and swing at the same time - only possible on Vuly 360 Pro swing set.

360 Spin Swing

Kids can surf, skateboard and snowboard at home, with adjustable spin sensitivity.

360 Yoga Swing

Release your inner acrobat or lie back with a book and pillow.

Add-ons will be released continuously

Modular play set design. Customize with an expanding range of swings, set configurations and accessories.