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We push the limits of engineering, design and technology to create the world's most amazing trampolines for our customers. Our revolutionary products are the result of a fierce determination to pioneer the very best trampolines, countless hours of hard work, and an ingenuity that transcends that of all competition. It is here at Vuly that we turn dreams into reality.

  • The Tallest, Strongest, & Longest Safety Enclosure of any Trampoline
  • World’s Highest Weight Rating
  • Double-Ringed Base is engineered for complete stability
  • Superior scratch and rust-resistance
  • Easy Tool-Free Assembly
  • No nuts and bolts or welded joints which can cause structural weakness
  • UV-rated Safety Enclosure with Overlapping Door
  • Superfine netting that won’t graze your skin
  • Oval-Shaped Net Poles are flexible, but firm and supportive
  • HexVex Game system printed on the jumping mat
  • Get the most out of your trampoline experience with Vuly’s trampoline accessories

Detailed Specifications

trampoline anchors

Vuly Pulse Speaker $51.99​

Play, pause, skip and pump up the volume, with an outdoor speaker.


Thunder is the world's strongest trampoline. Designed by an all-Australian team of industrial design and safety experts, Thunder has the best bounce of any recreational trampoline in existence.

No springs to get caught in, no frame to hit. Thunder is the first soft-edged trampoline in the world to use Leaf Springs instead of coil springs to power your bounce.

Resistant to rust, scratches and cracks, Thunder's frame will last a lifetime in tip-top condition. The unique shape of our strong dual-frame design means you'll feel more power in every bounce.

Your children will have fun playing games like trampoline twister and follow the leader with HexVex™ printed on the mat. As they grow up, why not add a Basketball Set, Vuly Deck or Tent?

#1 Trampoline in Safety, Performance and Design.

  • Award-winning Leaf-Spring design for the world's safest bounce
  • Vertical bounce is easier on muscles and joints
  • Soft-edge design with skirt provides safety inside and out
  • Built-in stepladder

Warranty; 10 Years Frame, 5 Years Jump Mat (excl. print) and 1 Year Net, Net Poles and Leaf Springs

Vuly 360 Pro swing set

Vuly Lift and Lift Pro

A new take on a family favorite, Vuly Lift and Vuly Lift Pro are the classic backyard trampoline redesigned. We've taken all the incredible features you love, and made them even better.

Vuly's Safety Net is so well put together you can crash into it all you like. You won't fall down towards the frame as you would on cheaper brands.

Our high quality frame joins are an essential part of Vuly's bounce, and its double-ringed base means double the strength of competing trampolines.

The best part of a Vuly Trampoline is all the games you can play on it. Solo bouncers and team players alike will have fun using the Vuly HexVex™ game mat and inventing their own games.

The Vuly Lift and Vuly Lift Pro combines all the Best Features of a Classic Trampoline

  • Up/down tapered spring system for a superior bounce
  • Heavy duty long-lasting springs
  • Durable UV-resistant double-sided safety pads are attached to springs securely by thick PVC loops to ensure it stays in place

​Warranty; 10 Years Frame, 5 Years Springs & Jump mat (excl. print), 1 Year Safety Pads, Net and Net Poles

Lift trampoline

VULY LIFT PRO (called Vuly2 in 2017)
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Thunder trampoline
trampoline wheels
Vuly Lift trampoline

Now available at Rainbow of Ottawa

Vuly Water Mister $79.99

($64.99 with purchase of a trampoline)

Keep cool with evenly dispersed water spray that's better than the hose.

Add a new dimension of fun to your trampoline with a Vuly Basketball Set. A great way to exercise outdoors. Practicing basketball on a trampoline can improve hand-eye coordination and balance, as kids have to focus on two things at once: jumping, and shooting hoops. They'll be a pro in no time!

Includes backboard, net, ball and pump.

Basketball Set $249.99

With purchase of a trampoline $164.99

Vuly trampoline shade cover

Trampoline Accessories

Get the most out of your trampoline experience with Vuly’s innovative line of trampoline accessories. Transform your trampoline into a skate park, camping tent or basketball court.

trampoline tent thunder
water mister trampoline


Get quick, easy access to your trampoline with Vuly's sleek Trampoline Ladder.

The non-slip grip, extra-wide steps, clever low angle of access and specially engineered flat-top design make this ladder safe for everyone to use.

It's not hard to move this ladder, due to its lightweight design. Restrict access to the trampoline at any time by simply moving the ladder away.

Assembly of the Trampoline Ladder couldn't be any easier: just click together and add to your frame.

With purchase of a trampoline - $51.99

Our warranty covers manufacturing defects and damage to your product, subject to the exclusions listed in the Vuly Warranty Policy.

Half-Price Parts for Life
Here at Vuly, we know a trampoline is a long-term investment. That's why we offer our customers half-price parts for life.

Practice skate tricks without worrying about the fall - no helmet or pads required! The Vuly Deck is great for gaining balance, and refining those Ollies and 360s.

The only tramp deck on the market with a skateboard shape, the Vuly Deck looks exactly like the real thing. The only difference is there's no wheels and it's much softer!

Crafted from lightweight plywood and covered in a soft layer of high-quality EVA foam, the Vuly Deck is a safer way to learn new skate, snowboard, or wakeboard tricks.

With a Vuly Deck and a trampoline, your kids will learn how to balance on a board safely, without risking injury. There'll be no more worrying about them falling off their skateboards!

Skateboard Deck $49.99

With purchase of a trampoline $49.99 (Pink only)

Vuly Lift Pro trampoline
Ottawa's Only Wooden Swing Set Superstore

Lift/Lift Pro/Thunder Wheels (set of 4) $259.99

​($233.99 with purchase of a trampoline)

Raise and push your trampoline effortlessly, with an easy-to-attach wheel system.

trampoline basketball set

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bluetooth speaker

   Designed for Superior Bounce, Maximum Safety, Performance and Longetivity

trampoline skateboard

Let their imagination soar as they bounce into a world of their own inside Vuly2's Trampoline Tent. Perfect for a bouncy cubby or backyard camping, the Trampoline Tent provides endless fun.

  • Stay Cool: Superior Airflow
  • ​Simple Drawstring Windows
  • Detachable Walls

Tent Prices: 

Thunder Extra-Large tent (only 2 in stock) $399.99

Tents and shade covers currently not available for Lift, Lift Pro,

Thunder and Thunder Pro

Vuly thunder trampoline

The Vuly Anchor Kit secures your trampoline in strong winds and storms. Our special corkscrew design is four times stronger than normal anchors, and will keep your trampoline firmly grounded.

Our Anchor Kit is much better than your average tent pegs in securing your trampoline during wild weather. With a curved bracket and corkscrew design, it'll withstand all conditions.

The Vuly Anchor Kit is strapless, and fits easily around the grooves of your trampoline.

The simple spiral design makes it easy to secure your trampoline with a quick twist.

Vuly2 Anchor Kit $49.00

With purchase of a trampoline $25.00

Trampolines and Accessories

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THUNDER PRO (called Thunder in 2017)

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